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We are for effective promotion which helps you to get real followers. Instagram bot likes and comments other user posts on your behalf based on the hashtags and increases your followers!

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How To Get More Likes On Instagram?

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Set Instagram Account

Add your Instagram account with username and password. We take your privacy very seriously.

Set Hashtags

Set hashtags which are related with your profile or target audience you want following you.

Relax & Watch

Instaget runs to gain you real followers on your behalf. You notice a difference in hours, enjoy your new followers!

How Do You Get Real Followers?


If someone likes or comments your post on Instagram, you go and check that page out. it happens because of curiosity. This curiosity is what Instaget relies on to get you real followers.

Get REAL Followers

Other Instagram users receive notifications from you, and they check your Instagram account. If you have an interesting gallery, they will follow you. The Instagram bot works for you and you gain the Instagram followers that you deserve.

What Are Instaget's Main Benefits?

Full Automation

Automate your likes and comments on Instagram and engage with other Instagram's users even when you're sleeping.

Privacy & Safety

You are always safe because we never exceed the limit of Instagram. Also, nobody knows that you use a bot for interactions.

Set & forget

Everything runs on our servers, you can log out, change the account, close your browser or computer. Bot keep going to run on your behalf.

3 days free trial

Get started in minutes and gain new followers. Enjoy with free trial period and become aware of making a right decision about start using Instaget.

No Download

Instaget runs on servers so there is no need to download or install any application. You can use it any time on any device.

Cheap Price

We are the cheapest Instagram Auto Like & Comment on the market. It's only $6.99 for a month

View Likes & Comments

Dou you want to see what does it happen on your account. You can see images liked or commented by your account on the dashboard.

Content Filter

Instaget checks every photo with a built-in content filter to protect your "inappropriate" posts and help you to like or comment more relevant photos.

60 interactions Per Hour

Instaget likes or comments around 60 posts per hour on your behalf without exceeding the limit of Instagram. You get more exposure for your account then you can do alone. You get more exposure for your account then you can do alone.

What Is The Price?


monthly / 1 account

Auto Liker

Auto Commenter

Unlimited Hashtag Targets

Around 60 interactions Per Hour

Adjustable Run Time

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